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Happy Friday lovelies! Today I thought I would share some of my dream home office inspiration with you. Currently, I live in a one-bedroom apartment where my ‘home office’ resides in the form of my dining room table. Pretty fancy, huh? However, I hope one day soon to have a ‘real, grown-up’ home office of my own complete with a desk, shelves/storage galore and a chic white and blush color scheme. I’ll go more into detail about some of my favorite pieces below because a girl can dream, right?!

As I mentioned above, my dream home office would have a white and blush color scheme with gold accents. This has always been my favorite color scheme, there’s something so chic and girly about it. Now let’s move on to the basics… I absolutely love this One King’s Lane desk with the modern gold frame. The gold frame really pops and gives this desk an elegant touch of flair. Next, I would add in a white couch along with this white fuzzy bench (so chic!). The white furniture creates a clean and bright environment, an environment where I find my creativity thrives best. I would also add some shelving units (purchase from IKEA and spray paint gold) as well as a clothes rack (not pictured) because those are going to be extremely essential. To finish off the space, I would throw in this gorgeous blush rose rug – y’all I’m obsessed!

Now that we have the essentials down, it’s time to accessorize! I find that accessorizing a room is the best part although it can sometimes be daunting and overwhelming. There are so many accessories out there and it can be hard to find the ‘perfect’ pieces without going overboard. One thing I do to prepare for the accessorizing process is to browse Pinterest. You can search for any style room you are interested in and there’s so much inspiration! After browsing Pinterest for probably way too many hours (#indecisiveproblems), I create a list of the top accessories I want to purchase and then I’m ready to go!

For my home office, I would add this fun gold mirror to the wall as well as this amazing chic painting (LOVE – I’ve had my eye on this particular canvas for years!). Since this is my ‘dream’ home office, I figured I would of course need a chandelier as well. I love how even the most simple chandelier can add a touch of elegance and grace to any room. I would then add some blush and leopard throw pillows to mix up the patterns throughout the space (plus I had to include a pop of leopard somewhere!). Last but not least, I would add some desk decorations such as these flowers and this gorgeous coffee table book to make the room look more inviting.

Hopefully one day I can turn my dream home office into a reality! I would love to hear how you all would style your dream office or how you have styled your office if you already have one! Please also share any store recommendations you have for décor!

I hope y’all have a fabulous weekend and thank you so much for stopping by! xo

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